Open a

Parallel World


With the aid of science and culture, we strive to create a brand new and independent parallel virtual world for our consumers across the world.

Open Your Eyes


No matter where you are, you can revel in the boundless universe.

Open Your Emotions


We bring you extraordinary visual and audio effects through an immersive, lifelike virtual reality environment.

Open Your Mind


Through virtual reality,everyone can share their different perspectives and experiences. Immerex hopes to provide deeper sense of satisfaction and happiness far beyond sensory experiences.

Born to lead


Multidisciplinary cross-border cooperation with the global international top class R & D team and masters from Hollywood film & television entertainment industry, create marvelous immerex.




Proprietary system SDK; International patented technologies; Platform and technical support for VR applications, games, videos, etc.


Gather Hollywood masters and global film & TV entertainment teams, offer production technology and technological process of movie-grade VR contents.


Wide FOV, flexible & light-weight; Professional-level ultra high-definition panoramic video capture and automatic post-processing technology, make unrestrained shooting and sharing experience.


On 2016' E3 in the U.S, immerex initially released VRG-9020 head-mounted display, amazing the entire industry with thin and lightweight, portable and high-definition, etc.



Since the beginning, Immerex has shared its technology and insights with its Chinese partners. In providing excelled PR, marketing strategies and expertise in the VR field, Immerex has established a long-term relationship cooperating with local partners in different industries. Immerex, strives to establish its dominant position in the Chinese VR industry. Through collaboration with current and potential partners in China, Immerex's will achieve its market goal in the coming future.




Immerex Debut Live...


2016.07.19/From Techcrunch


On June 29, during the "GSMA Mobile World Congress -Shanghai 2016 ", immerex, as a newly emerged pioneering development...




Virtual Reality Arms...


2016.07.13/From Anthony Stagliano


Last year at E3, virtual reality tech became a dominant presence in the electronic entertainment industry' s largest show.




Immerex Debuts at...


2016.06.24/From Svètlana Dèn


LOS ANGELES, E3 Expo Booth E5010, June 14, 2016—Immerex, a virtual reality company that creates cinema-centric VR experiences...